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How to make a Rheostat


A Rheostat (also known as a variable resistor) is an electrical component to vary the amount of current flowing through the circuit.

A rheostat is a two-terminal variable resistor. Often these are designed to handle much higher voltage and current.

The symbol for a rheostat is a resistor symbol with an arrow diagonally across it.

Rheostats are used in many different applications, from light dimmers to the motor controllers in large industrial machines.

How to make a Rheostat - Video

Prepared by Marina Phal

Rheostat - Video

Prepared by Manith Chuon


0 #5 Administrator 2011-12-11 02:25
Any type and size of spring you can use. You can find the spring in the hardware stores.
0 #4 Pariti 2011-12-09 22:28
Which spring have been used??? Where will we get it??
0 #3 Manith Chuon 2011-04-22 20:02
hehehe.. thanks.. just tried my best
+2 #2 N-Gel 2011-03-19 17:12
the explantion seems to be clear. Moreover, the design seems to be very nice... :lol:
+2 #1 Sovisal srey 2011-01-28 18:21
So cool ;-) ;-) i like it

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