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Electric Circuit Design Contest Results


There are many differences between this year in our school and the previous year. And one of the main differences is with all the competitions we have this year. Our school has put on a lot of contests so far for all the students in school. One of these was a challenge from the subject of physics called the "electric circuit design competition".


It was open to all the students in Zaman International School. Thida Sreng and I were partners in this contest. From start to finish, we spent around four days preparing our project. On the first day, we spent time planning the design on a piece of paper. When we were satisfied with what we had decided, we shopped around for the necessary materials. Most of it came from recycled material. For instance, we used old discarded decorating led's (light-emitting diodes) instead of buying new ones; we also used old wire cable as well as other materials in order to save the environment. As the deadline came, we still couldn't finish everything. At 4 o'clock, I messaged Mr. Gurkan to ask whether we could have any extra time. He said, "Today is the deadline, so you must finish it today but I will stay at school until 8 o'clock so that will be the deadline. So Thida and I hurried and put all our effort into finishing our project. At the last minute our project was complete and we submitted it to the teacher at 8pm at school.

Those were exhausting days but we gained plenty of practical experience. We learned about working together, the power of unity, and how hard work leads to success. As a consequence, we won first place in this competition along with the top prize of $100. Followed by Minea Chhim from 10-F and Sereyvuth Sovoan, Leangheng Hin and Panha Young from 11B  second place with $75 and the third one is Manith Choun and Keodane Hen from 11F with $50.

Physics is enjoyable, it is fun and in every way, it is cool!!!

Lymei Sun, 11-E

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