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Water Rocket Challenge Announcement


The Mission

The mission is to design a Water-Rocket Vehicle capable of reaching the highest altitude possible given specific launch criteria. The Water Rocket Challenge serves to familiarize students with the basic principles of rocketry, design engineering, and manufacturing engineering.
Students will design and manufacture a water rocket using a bottle as the pressure vessel.
Entrants must also construct their own launcher.



  • The competition is only open to individuals, no teams. Launchers may be shared by no more than three individuals.
  • Metal, glass, hard plastic, rocks, Styrofoam, or spikes cannot be used to construct the rocket. Use of these materials will automatically disqualify the contestant from the competition.
  • Launchers must be designed to launch at an angle of 90 degrees (straight up).
  • Entrants must pressurize their own water rockets.


  • The winner will be the rocket with the highest time of flight.
  • Best design rocket will be awarded.
  • Best design launcher will be awarded.


Old Stadium


1 June 2011

The girls' section will compete in the morning at 9.00.

The boys' section will compete in the afternoon at 13.30.

Water Rocket Construction PDF Files

Water Rocket Launcher Construction Videos

Water Rocket Construction Videos

Water Rocket Challenge Videos


0 #2 Administrator 2011-05-21 17:20
Yes, It is allowed.
+1 #1 Uddam Pen 2011-05-21 16:28
Is parachute allowed in the competition? :-|

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